Living Small

Just about 8 months ago I packed up, well just a small bit of packing, and left my home of many decades. My company offered a position in the state of Arizona that I had desired since I started my career, so many years ago.
This new journey has many rewards and many so difficult times, so I have decided to share them here… oh lucky you.

So when the offer came in I needed a place to stay, of course. We looked all over Maricopa County and well how do you know where you want to live when you really don’t know where to live? Each time I was in AZ I would stay in different areas hoping to find the community that I would enjoy. Well I enjoyed them all. It was just like on vacation, you stay long enough to know you love it there but live there? Not sure.

Because I am so resourceful I decide to live in our 5th wheel until we decide where I should live. Eight months later I am still in the 5th wheel and well I am enjoying it… completely.

This is my story of leaving a small ranch in CA with my 4 horses, 4 dogs and one completely wonderful and supportive husband, to a 5th wheel in the middle of Maricopa County with only myself and my dreams of a new and wonderful life.

It's a new and wonderful world in my new little home.... Dust Storms and all.

It’s a new and wonderful world in my new little home…. Dust Storms and all.

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