National Ice Cream Day


We seem to have so many “National” Days, Grandparents Day, Assistant’s Day, Bosses Day…well I am sure you get it. But today, July 20th is National Ice Cream Day, Yummo! Ronald Regan signed the 3rd Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day 30 years ago, see he liked more sweets then just jelly beans.

Just saying Ice Cream makes me smile, hot fudge sundaes oh my! I can recall on our patio in the heat of summer Mom getting out the ice cream machine and us kids turning the handle til we thought our arms were falling off. Home made ice cream is the best. Fresh peaches off the tree and a drizzle of honey….

I am sure there are many local places having Ice Cream specials today…Baskin and Robin is giving free waffle cones with your purchase and McDonald’s has their soft serve cone at .49.

Or maybe you get out that old fashion ice cream maker and create some memories.



  1. Messy but a wonderful memories for sure!

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