I Cant Wait for Summer!

I cant wait for summer

The desert is beautiful

June 21st the first day of Summer according to the world almanac, someone should have informed AZ.

Since the last week of May temps have not dipped below 100 degrees and on June 2nd they tied a record of 110 degrees, truth be told I would have enjoyed the record being in the other direction and the lowest temperature of this June Day.

I started encouraging myself daily in early April with my new mantra of ” I cant wait for Summer” hoping to convince myself that indeed summer would be great. Foolish thought.

So here I am in the second real week of heat or what I am calling pre-summer heat wave and already thinking, really how long will this last? I ask myself and anyone listening why doesn’t it cool down at night? Well according to my online research the sun radiates heat down all day then at night the earth without the benefit of any moisture radiates the heat back up… makes sense. Makes long days of summer, hey I used to wonder what that saying meant!

Well if this is any sign of what to come… I better Cowgirl up and get myself in a AZ state of mind.

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