Business Women

I am still finding my way in Arizona, leaving behind my 30 plus years of relationships has been hard and at times, like last night, I am reminded of what I left behind.
Not remorseful of my decision but a bit melancholy, perhaps.

Last night was a social hour of professional commercial female brokers, a still a predominantly male world. Although a relaxed atmosphere and light conversations I was able to speak to 2 very powerful women.

One still very young in her career but has achieved so much in such a short time, a decree in law, head of a commercial firm and raising children…most recently securing a 20 million dollar land acquisition for her client of State Land… amazing young woman. Now the difference here is that she offered an almost stranger her knowledge and assistance in a land acquisition of the same type and difficulty, not what I typically see in this world….off to the corner table they went and mapped out the plan!

Next is a woman who started her career in Banking in the late 70’s, yes a complete mans world. She at 22 became a branch manager one of three women to achieve this status at her bank, the other 2 women were in their late 60’s! Powerful. She climbed the corporate ladder and yes accused of sleeping her way there, it really did happen back then. Now a leader in her industry with a firm of predominantly men. Our conversation casual, light and sharing of our past, so much fun.

These women in this room have very powerful jobs and huge careers and yet most of them said their goodbyes early to go home and cook dinner for their families, with a smile on their faces and no sense of drudgery… the stamina of our sex, incredible.

As the evening ended I was reminded of how I miss my relationships of past, but so embracing the new ones to come.

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