38 Foot Life

We hook up the 5th wheel and move my new “home” to Mesa Az, all 38 feet of it! How do you feel leaving behind, a daughter, a mom, a very special 15 year neighbor who became a sister, my best buddy Boogie, my 4 dogs and of course my wonderful husband of just 3 years….scared. Lots of tears and so many goodbyes, I have never left my hometown, thought about it often, but I guess the comfort of knowing your hometown kept me there. I’ll come home every 2 weeks, until we find our place to settle in AZ, its only 5 hours away… not so bad.

Its a Saturday the first week of November, and our travel day is uneventful, which is great. We pull into my new community in Mesa… the resort is packed with other RV’ers most from out of state. We back in to our spot to unhook the 5th wheel, and the thingies that come down to hold up the front end wont come down… oops. I walk around looking for the advertised general store to see if they have fuses, and find out there is no general store, but the friendly guy I stopped has a crap load, go figure. We meet our first friends, John and Jimbo…. After a few hours of McGivering the rig is unhooked, level and I am in nesting mode.

So having such a small place you cant really have stuff, just necessities, that’s all the room you have. We have purchased nothing for the rig, as it was new to us before I had the great idea to live in it. So our first night we are exhausted from the travel and the entire front end thingy. We go to dinner, buy sheets, beer for the nice new neighbors and detergent as there is no way I am sleeping in unwashed sheets, yuck all the people who touch them the make them and to sleep in them unwashed, NO!

We walk down street G, which latter becomes more commonly known as party street, to give our rescuers our thank you beer. We are introduced to the G Street Gang, Jimbo’s wife Fiz, Tracie wife of John, Gail and her husband, name still escapes me, Mary and Stan, Tom and Donna… the G Street gang.

I think I will be okay….

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